Is using an agent even worth it?

Looking to buy real estate in Costa Rica? Are you on the fence about whether to use an agent or just buy directly from the owner?

Let us explain some of the benefits of using an agent and why we highly recommend it.

  1. It doesn’t end up costing you more. Actually, it may save you money and alleviate the stress of buying a new home or property.
  2. Real estate agents have years of first hand experience in this market, we know all the details, quirks, and logistics of the Costa Rican market. As an investor it is important that you are well informed in order to make the best decisions.
  3. We have the listings and know the history of the home, the neighborhoods, the area, and the overall trends in the market.
  4. A real estate agent can help put you in touch with a network of reputable professionals for home inspections, lawyers, property management companies and more.
  5. We can help you negotiate a fair price. We know what is what and how to get you the house you want in your price range.
  6. A good real estate agent will walk you through the entire home buying process with complete confidence.

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